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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Blog Party

Wow, I should do this more often.

Last night fellow bloggers and sweet friends of mine came over for our first blog gathering.  We shared food with one another and lots of laughs.

I got in my ten smiles and more.

Now there's lots of blog recommendations I need to check out and a cheesecake cookie recipe I have to make.

Stephanie walked in with these babies on a green polka-dot platter and I didn't know which I wanted more - the dessert or the platter.  Chocolate chip cookies and cheesecake together.  Oh my.

We made apple pies in jars and sweetly loved on one another. 

The clock chimed 1:20am before we called it a night.

Thanks to all of you for a wonderful evening.  And I made a gallon - I repeat - a gallon of homemade hot chocolate I left in the fridge.  So, now y'all must come back.

Right now, I'm gonna go take a shower - or maybe just move his towel.


Anonymous said...

So this blog thing might not be a bad idea after all.I want to have a non bloggers party now, and I would invite each of you...hint hint I am so jealous of the great time you all had together. What a great group of ladies...glad you still love me even though I don't blog.

Penny said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! I am so thankful for all the sweet friends you have that love on you when I am not around. See you soon! :)

Jennifer said...

Just move the towel, we won't tell!

Thanks for a wonderful ~ and much needed ~ break from the mundane!

Love you, girl!

Greg and Donna said...

1:20 AM...ya'll know how to party. It was fun, glad we got together.

Love you! The Party Pooper

rutledgeramblings said...

Thank you so much for opening your BEAUTIFUL home to us Rie!!! I am with Jennifer - it was a much needed break from "life"!

I want some of that hot chocolate - so when are we getting together next week???!! lol!

You are loved!!

Anonymous said...

OK, where is it??? You can't put a picture of food like that and not give a single recipe!!! Chocolate chips cookies and cheesecake in the same bite! I'm salivating just thinking about it (and that's not an exaggeration). I have never heard of apple pie in a jar, but it looks great. Neither Rachel nor I willl ever speak to you again if you don't fix this felony. And that could be awkward at Christmas! Love,
P.S. I agree with Penny--I am so glad that you have good friends to love on you when we are so far away. And they may be better friends than me--I wouldn't stay up until 1:20 AM for ANYONE!!

Drawing of me losing my cool courtesy of budding artist, Izzy.

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