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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

No Title Necessary

It's too quiet in the house so I can't sleep.  I have four children and only one is home.  Even the middle of the night can feel off balance.

So, I did this one time before here, and I'm gonna do it again.

Because one day when only one bed in this home is occupied I want to read this and remember when times were better - or at least more interesting.

When I picked up tonight before bed this is what was on my living room floor.

three toy story martians

one chicken feather

three marbles

hot glue gun strands

one water gun and one bubble gun

wet dog ball

cake crumbs

Izzy's robe

Max's polar bear slippers

one pillow pet

one google eye

a one-eyed bald no arms orange puppet

lots of little cut up paper pieces - an attempt to make an eye

pile of sand?

extension cord

pirate hat

his dirty socks


and lastly . . .

one cocoa puff - which I gingerly poked at 'cause it easily could have been poop - dog or human four year old boy

and you thought when I blogged again I'd say something deep and meaningful.  something profound and intelligent.  something actually worth reading.

fooled 'ya.


Greg and Donna said...

Probably the pile of sand and the pirate hat are connected in some way! Welcome back my friend, we have lots of catching up to do!!

Jennifer said...

"something profound and intelligent" would have been okay, but might not have provided a needed smile this morning! Besides, these days you've got to take your inspiration when and where it comes! I am just glad that you found your way back to the computer and remember HOW to post!

Drawing of me losing my cool courtesy of budding artist, Izzy.

Have a dressed up day!

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