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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Just a four day leave.

And they say everything and do everything and love enough for months and countries apart?

And Tammy cooks all his favorites to show her love and to stay a heart breaking.  But a love like that doesn't have to show for it breathes.  She breathes in scents of baby skin and little boy sweat and favorite cologne. 

He breathes in kisses of bobos and wiping of tears and fears and Mama, will you marry me?

Inhale memories and exhale hope.  Strength.  Faith. 

For months now she has pulled him close and rocked and held him in her mind and waited for the day.

And today she will let him go and hold and rock the love that remains like babe on shoulder.

And his daddy - there is only one word - pride. For this is his son. HOOAH!

It will be a long road getting from there to back here.

Everyone that loves Ruben has a choice.  And it is not hard.  Choose to hate circumstances or choose to love faith.  Choose to quit or choose to continue.

Or maybe there is no choice?  For love lets you choose little - for what it is it just is.

And love chooses for us.

And it is love and faith and continuing.

Hold on to your faith.  And on those days you can't find it go get some more . . .  It is not far away - just a prayer.

For love is in any language and faith is in any country.

Near or far.

Till  his boots walk this soil again . . .

and his mama holds him again while finally exhaling the fear that crowds.

And my girl - my girl beams giddy again.


Greg and Donna said...

Beautiful pictures. I cannot imagine...from any angle! But I can pray! Love y'all!

Jennifer said...

You did a great job on the pictures! Like Donna, I can't imagine what they are going through, but I will pray!

Lisa notes... said...

The pictures are fantastic. The love and faith even more so. Praying for everybody. You've made me so much more aware of the big picture.

It's 2 weeks until my niece's fiance leaves for a year in Afghanistan. She's trying not to be sad already, but the loss ahead weighs SO heavy, as you know. I dread it myself for her.

But hold on to faith. I'll remind her. And remind me. Thank YOU for sharing it again. (Why is it I often cry here??? ha. Heavy times.)

Anonymous said...

Your words and thoughts are so meaningful, words written by another Momma, but so true, we have a connection of the heart. I am so thankful for friends like you and Gregg. We can never begin to thank ya'll enough for your support! God is so good and places people in our path who can help us through with prayer and encouraging words.
As he hugged me tight yesterday and told me he loved me and everything would be alright, I felt as though my heart would stop beating. I am the Momma, I should have been stronger, but yet my "little boy" now such a strong man was holding me, telling me it would be alright. God knows the grand plan, the full picture. I am thankful God is all knowing, He knows we are weak, but yet He is strong. These next few days and weeks will be tough, but I lean on the promises of our God. I trust, believe and claim Psalm 91.
Thankful for love and support from your precious family.
With Love,

Drawing of me losing my cool courtesy of budding artist, Izzy.

Have a dressed up day!

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