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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Good-bye, Preschool Hall

I gently tried to explain to Max that he would stay in his five year old Sunday school class. Yes, you graduated K5 early, but at church you will stay kindergarten. You'll stay with your friends.

He is so excited that this Sunday he will move upstairs, to the five year old class, out of the preschool hall.

At least one of us is . . .

To hold that first one when she was five just once more. That would be bliss.

To think with my brain and not so much my heart . . . that would be bliss.

I'm not logical or methodical. I'm emotional and chaotic.

And that used to be good enough.

Sunday I'll hold his hand and climb the stairs and feel Gregg's hand on my back and know that Max is beautiful and growing and in love with me still.

I'll watch him grin big and go in like he owns the world and try not to think too hard.

I could parent for hundreds of years and still not want to say good-bye to the preschool hall. 

Good-bye, preschool hall.

Hello, children's wing.

And time taking flight - be gentle with me, please.


Jennifer said...

There is just something magical to a child about climbing the stairs for class ... now my oldest will leave the "children's wing" (which is just the end of a hall) and move to the youth class this fall ... she may have a few more insecurities about that move, but she sure is excited ... and time marches on, no mater how much we'd like to hold on to a few of those moments.

Congratulations, Max, on the big move!

Greg and Donna said...

Oh what a handsome K5 class attender! You can visit the preschool hall again with grandbabies!

Anonymous said...

Marie, You have been so blessed to be able to have a child at this time in your life. Sometimes my arms ache to rock and hold one so young again. My youngest "baby" graduates middle school this year, and I am helping both Rachel and David fill out forms so they can go five hours away and only come home about once a month. When you see Delia and Shelby pulling away with their men, remember how good God has been to give you Max. Having gone through it already makes you appreciate each moment with him and Izzy even more.
JUST a side note: Wow! Max looks Christopher in that second pic!
Love you,

Drawing of me losing my cool courtesy of budding artist, Izzy.

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