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Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Answer Has Been Whispered

It was a part of my list here.  And today it ends.

It is a sad day.  The baby that never really was is being grieved over like we all held it and oohhed and ahhed and loved it. 

But we did love it.  The possiblility of this child was as easy to love as if it already had a heart that beat to the rhythm of my sister's.

Doctors say they don't understand - but we do.  We know it all lays at the feet of a Father who is the giver of life and the non giver.

Today we come to Jesus and cry.  She cries and he cries, and we all cry for them.  For a gift has been withheld, a door has been shut, the answer has been whispered - No, not now, not this way.  No, my child.


Greg and Donna said...

My heart grieves for your sister and brother in law. I know how much they wanted this! Praying for you all!

Lisa notes... said...

Oh, this makes me cry, too, and I don't even know your sister. But I do know others who grieve for the babies they don't get, and I've seen their pain, and felt my own pain in similar ways. The pain you all feel is real, and I send up real prayers for your comfort...

Drawing of me losing my cool courtesy of budding artist, Izzy.

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