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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

June Cleaver - Eat My Dust

She hurts my feelings. 

Ok, maybe not. 

Ok, not. 

Who has feelings anymore when it comes to a clean messy house?

When I picked up the kids I stood and looked at your room and really hated you were going to come home to that, but I was in such a hurry, she says.

Good thing she's seen it worse.  Ok, maybe not.  But just as bad.

How does this happen?  I mutter later, down on all fours digging something sticky out of the rug.  I keep muttering, something close to profanity but far enough away to pat myself on the back later, as I search, belly down, for the game pieces under the sofa.  Not there.  Probably didn't survive, I spit out, dust bunnies ate 'em.

If I were a DVD this is not a moment I would hit the pause button.

Fast forward, baby, fast forward.

Now that I've whined to the point of losing 99% of my three readers, here's something I'd like to say -

Did you know June Cleaver died?  She lived a long life.  May she rest in peace. 

But - did you ever see her down on her knees talking to dust bunnies or aging ten years jabbing a knife into something crusty on the rug?

Did her friend ever come over and sadly shake head in pity for her?

I've come a long way, baby.

June Cleaver, eat my dust - bunnies that is.


Anonymous said...

First of all it was not pity. I was upset my child helped make the mess. But then my growling tummy took over and instead of them cleaning up I just took them all to eat. Your house looks great even on a bad day. So homey and full of love.

Rie said...

The worst part is, your child didn't help. That mess was working on it's third pathetic day!

I just thank you for loving us and taking them into some much needed loving arms that day, especially Izzy, she was worried about Shelby's appointment.

Where there's a need - there's a Sandra!

KTElltt said...

Marie... I haven't seen your messy house but I have seen my messy house and you are NOT alone! :)

Anonymous said...

Marie, I will have to tell you what someone said to me one time about coming over to my house. I always hated to have anyone over even for a cup of coffee because I would have to inevitably clean off a chair or section of table for them if they wanted to sit down. At my house it's not just the dirt, it's the clutter. Anyway, she said that she loved to come over to my house because it always seemed to radiant love. Every time she came, she just felt at peace. I thought about asking how anyone could feel contentment when they couldn't even walk up the stairs for all of the "this is the stuff that needs to go to your room" clutter. I didn't, though. I knew that she wasn't talking about the cleanliness or lack therof; she was talking about the love and peace that comes from a family that loves God and each other. That is the same kind of restfulness that I feel whenever I go to your house. All of us live everyday amidst outer clutter; we are used to it and usually don't even notice it. It's the other kind of messiness we don't want to be around. Discontentment, anger, disrespect, bitterness--that's the "clutter" no one wants to be near. So cage your dust bunnies and remove the sticky from your floors if it makes you feel better, but don't apologize for having a home that's lived in. Especially if the livng going on there is pleasing to God.

Greg and Donna said...

If you find a "cure" for dust bunnies, I will help you patent it and we can make a bundle! They love my house! Its pathetic when your otherwise black puppy comes out from under the table "gray" from the dust! I would much rather sit down to a glass of tea and a good chat than worry about dust, sticky stuff, crumbs, and pieces of paper! We are mama's and we live in our houses! None of us have Better Homes and Gardens mansions, I like it that way!

Penny said...

Try this: have 3 other homeschooling families, plus the county 4H agent over every Thursday...clean house or NOT...for a meeting.
Of course, after the 4H meeting is the filming for the children's movie. Christopher is so excited about the movie that he gets up early every Thurs morning just to straighten up the house. At least I hope it is only excitement and not that I have created some kind of weird child that can't have anyone over without worrying about the house being clean, but i am pretty sure that is what i have done :(

Drawing of me losing my cool courtesy of budding artist, Izzy.

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