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Thursday, December 22, 2011

We have an answer


Praise God!

I want to fall to my knees and cry and shout to the mountaintops -

We have an answer!

She's been sick for almost three years.  And since February we have seen a steady stream of doctors.  I've tried not to give up.  I have pushed and my gut has known.

  And there were 2 dozen vials of blood, CT scans on every part of her body and MRI's on almost every part -

until now.

It was a week ago when I found her in the back room crying.  She missed a Christmas party that night as we put shoes on and headed to the ER.

And I told myself to be strong and not give in this time to answers that my heart knew were wrong.

As she was sent out of the room for one more CT scan I cried my eyes out to the sweet nurse practioner.  They didn't believe she was sick enough to even give her a doctor.

This young woman, a mother herself, after some very creative wording on the forms, ordered a brain MRI.

I think I cried more after she ordered it than before.

Sweet release.  Thankful tears.

Y'all, I've been asking for a brain MRI for almost a year now.  But no one would do it.  No one would even send us to a neurologist.

It's not that I necessarily knew they would find something.  But I knew only then could I accept a lifetime of pain for my daughter.

God bless Melissa. If I were a rich person I'd buy her a house, or a car, or whatever she wanted. 

But I'm not. 

I'll ask God's blessing on her and her's. 

And isn't that the best anyway?

His timing was not ours and I'm not sure why so much time had to pass, but I do know that she was never out of the tight grasp of His hand.

And He always knew what we now know.

Shelby has a gap at the base of her brain stem that causes spinal fluid to form and puddle.

Affects her nerves.  Causes intense pain.

Causes a mama's and daddy's heart to break.

It's complicated - but that's the jest of it.

We are waiting for the appointment with the neurosurgeon. 

We will see what he says, but according to the doctor on the phone this morning she needs surgery to correct it.

And God sends answers. 

But He always sent grace. 

And love.

And promises fulfilled.

Shout with me, will you?

Our God is good.

Pray with me, please?

It isn't an easy road ahead.

But it is the right road.


Betsy said...

Praising God with you!

Greg and Donna said...

AMEN! And may God bless Melissa! Please keep us updated, especially if surgery is scheduled. Love to everyone!

rutledgeramblings said...

Praise the Lord! We will continue to pray! He is SO good!

Lisa notes... said...

Shouting with you! Praying for you and your sweet family. God is good to send answers. I pray he sends relief next!

Drawing of me losing my cool courtesy of budding artist, Izzy.

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