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Monday, June 11, 2012

Love in every Language

Hey, It's Shelby! Never done this before but I am gonna give it a try!



El amor


       Of course we all know the first word, but do you recognize any of the others? These are all words for "love" in Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian! This one word is known all over the world, some choose to show it while others don't.

Surely your goodness and unfailing love will pursue me all the days of my life...
Psalm 23:6

Our God loves with a love that we will never comprehend. His love is remarkable and unfailing! I fail God more times in a day than I can count, but even so He never stops loving me. His love reaches to every corner of the world, no one goes without His Love but many never realize they are loved by Him.

Is it not our job to shine His light and spread His love? We all have our differences, none of us are the same but we are supposed to "love our neighbor as we love ourselves..." Leviticus 19:18

In our thinking, acting, and feeling toward other people and God must be done in Love, any of these not done in Love is sin. Even when God punishes us it is done in love.
It breaks my heart knowing that some people will never know God's love, some people will go their entire lives thinking that the world has abandoned them and cares nothing for them. As Christians it is our job to love, we are capable to love because we are filled with God's love!

I will give you a new heart, and I will put a new spirit in you. I will take out your stony, stubborn heart and give you a tender, responsive heart. Ezekiel 36:26

Some people in our lives will be a little difficult to love, I know because I have dealt with it. We are able to push aside our feelings and shine His light and love if we only let Him take control of our situations. He wants to be in the center of our lives, He wants to fill us with a new heart that is capable to overcome our feelings and love with a love like His.

Have you ever sat and looked at young children playing with each other and wonder how they can get along with kids of all shapes, colors, and sizes? It is because they have not yet been shown the hatred that can fill our hearts. Children love without thinking, how amazing would that be? To love without thinking of their religion, ethnicity, family etc.

This week is VBS at our church! I love this week, it is filled with excitement and joy. Knowing that there are children all over our church that come from different kinds of backgrounds and homes but learning about ONE thing! Our God and His amazing POWER! Adults and youth are taking time out of their week to be there and show God's love to these children. Children that they have never met and may never seen again.

We need to walk in our daily lives shining HIS LOVE, not caring about what other people think, only what our heavenly Father thinks! Taking time out of our day to reach out to other people who may just need a little love, God's kind of love.

Christians from all over in Portugal, Spain, Russia, etc all worship ONE GOD, the God who loves us all unconditionally without fail. Even though we are all different we all need to strive for one thing! Loving others and showing what God can do for you! How God can change the lives of others through you, and just think that all of this can happen when you let God pour His love into you!

How Great is our God ( world edition )


Jennifer said...

Beautiful, Shelby!

...makes a writing teacher proud!

Emily B. said...

YES! It is amazing to see the love that the children have for one another. It is even more amazing to see the love that you have for Christ! To see you shine everyday a little brighter for Him just makes me so full of love for you and I can't wait to see Gods plan played out in your life! Keep on Keeping on sweet girl! I love you but even more than that, God loves you!!

Penny said...

I am glad you are finding joy again...real joy. We love you so much!

Drawing of me losing my cool courtesy of budding artist, Izzy.

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