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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Oh Baby, Cake

My Shelby has a gift for baking cakes.  Let's admit it, some cakes look good but don't taste good.  Some cakes taste good but don't look good.

She manages to accomplish both. 

With the exception of this one. 

This was one of her first attempts several years ago and if you look really close you can see the gills on the sides are falling off.  It slowly caved in all over.

But it tasted good.

This weekend she had the opportunity to make a baby shower cake.  She has steered clear of baby showers because of the pressure to bake the perfect cake.  She did not trust herself.

She agreed to this shower several weeks ago.  Shelby is self taught and put much extra work and preparation into planning this one - reading up, watching some videos, and experimenting with different icings, homemade fondants, and gum paste.

It paid off.

She created a beautiful and delicious chocolate baby shower cake.

Her Daddy molded the baby sculpture.

Love that ring.

She made homemade fondant for the blanket . . .

and lovingly snuggled that baby right up in it.

She baked and icinged and molded eyes and mouth and dots and letters for a total of eight hours in the creating of that cake.

So she's a perfectionist.  That never hurt anyone, did it?  Ok, not alot of profit in it, I admit.  But the learning benefits and the work ethic outweigh the profit benefits by far now in her young life.

She dreams of being a stay-at-home mom and homeschooling her brood of eight.  This talent is one way she hopes to contribute to the success of that dream.

More power to her and all young women like her who have the vision of mamas staying with their babies longer.

My pores are seeping again.


Greg and Donna said...

Is incinged a word? Anyway, I understood it! The cake is gorgeous, Shelby did a great job!

Can't wait to see those 8 babies!

Rie said...

nah, I made it up! but you spelled it wrong! Just like all my incomplete sentences because my thoughts turn into sentences without all the proper grammar.

Also, when in doubt about a comma, leave it out. Yeah right, I looove commas! They're usually my pause for emphasis. If it's important to me it gets a comma!

Penny said...

The cake is beautiful, Shelby. You have done an amazing job teaching yourself cake decorating! Can't wait to see you all real soon!!!

Greg and Donna said...

The "n" is silent if the icing is blue

Drawing of me losing my cool courtesy of budding artist, Izzy.

Have a dressed up day!

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