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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What the Word? Wednesday

Welcome back to What the Word? Wednesday.

What Max has to say this time is not hard, the tune will give it away.  There's a cute story behind it that I'll tell tomorrow when I post the answer.


Comment on your guess and check right back here tomorrow.  Remember, I'll hold all comments until the end of the day.

Alright, I was wrong, this wasn't an easy one.  Maybe he's out of tune, I don't sing so . . .

Many of you got the sunshine word right.

Maxster is saying, Walking on sunshine, walking on sunshine, woa. Don't it feel good.

That video is actually the first time he sings, Don't it feel good. Most of the time he sings, It don't feel good. Walking on the sun would not feel good, he says. Cause it reely hot, Mama.

Just for your pleasure I'm attaching another video of him singing one of his favorite songs.  If it doesn't give you pleasure you need to check your adorable meter, cause it's broken.

Yeah, a little prejudice.


Greg and Donna said...

Wow Sunshine, wow shine, wow its time for us to go!

We don't know this song!

Penny said...

Unless it's "You are my Sunshine" we have no clue. (is this a disney song?)
It sounds like a rap version of You are my Sunshine to me (S.C.S)

KTElltt said...

Unfortunately, I don't know the tune! Carter and Addie say he's saying "Why are you so shy?", so I'm going with that!

rutledgeramblings said...

Ummmm . . . I heard "you are my sunshine."

Anonymous said...

Marie, I want to be on Max's baseball team if you get 10 strikes before you are out. Maybe, then, I could get a hit!

By the way, our family has a few "alternate" versions to that song if Max would like to learn them. You know they can't sing anything like it was written for very long!!

KTElltt said...

He wasn't off key -- it's just toddler sing! Only the mommy knows what they mean... :)

Not sure what's cuter -- the 10 strikes or the way he says "cackler-jack"!

Drawing of me losing my cool courtesy of budding artist, Izzy.

Have a dressed up day!

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