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Monday, January 31, 2011

One Thousand Gifts . . .

She wakes up sick around three Sunday morning.  Doesn't call me.  I later fuss at her about that.

Four hours later she's home and in my bed.  I feel her head, cup her face.  She's hot, really hot.  Never question if a mama can do two things at once, for while asking what hurts prayers are already leaving my lips.  Saturating my soul with comfort sought for my girl.

She still has her daddy's message on her phone from one week ago.  I love you, Shelby, and I don't want you to get sick.  So get the flu shot - today, he wrote.

She did.  But it's still the flu.  Doctor said.

My gratitude list continues . . .

kind doctors

an unexpected surprise - walls with brightly painted animals, 2 by 2, to smile by, even when sick

jackets when the rooms are too cold

warm blankets

all day movies

that empty bed not empty again

homemade soup

anticipated meeting with ladies I love

homemade bread

homemade mac and cheese

Sandra, freakishly weird about driving

Jennifer's sweetness

prayers for Donna

updates from Steph, makes me feel close

pride over my baby sister - and Bailey said . . .

the picture over my computer, the four of us girls

big, black trashbags

cake orders

her making friends

husband coming home telling me Cathi was back from being ill

cleaning the toilets (lessons learned)

bananas on the counter, bread in the oven, pennies in the bank

My Father meeting needs - as promised

My list, #'s 480-501.


Lisa notes... said...

Oh, I know that feeling of a sick daughter not at home. My 21-yr-old came down with strep and mono over Christmas break. My husband went to Auburn to bring her home for a week. I was sorry she was sick, but it sure was nice having that "not empty" bed of hers for a week. Mamas love taking care of our babies no matter how old they are. Praying yours gets better soon...

Greg and Donna said...

Thanks for the prayers. I feel a little better today. Still coughing but not as much wheezing. Give Shelby a hug for me. We don't need to mix germs just for co-op. Lets play it by ear and see what happens for Thursday.

Drawing of me losing my cool courtesy of budding artist, Izzy.

Have a dressed up day!

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