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Monday, January 16, 2012

And the Son Shines in August

M I Crooked Letter Crooked Letter I Crooked Letter Crooked Letter I Humpback Humpback I

Is there a cooler way to spell a state?  Or an easier way for a child to learn to spell a word?

Know it?


We are number one in many sad things.  We are last on the list of many good things.

But now there is this . . .

And I'm not so sure how many states would have put this on a section front page.

I'm more sure of how many states would not have.

But this is so much more than just the courage of a journalist.  It is a man's stand.  It is a man's faith that is that of a child.

We are southern.  We are gentle.  We drawl. 

And we are Bible-belt.

Sometimes not so much anymore?

But then, this . . .

Here in the state with the most crooked letters we might tar and feather you and run you out of town on a rail (and you can't make it a parade) if you bad mouth our God.

As a child of the King I hurt and am sad and am frustrated and struggle with how God is being removed from every area of public life.

Even here. 

But then there is this . . .

Somewhere in our state August wrote a letter to God.

And God performed another one of His many how'd that happen miracles and this letter ended up at the largest newspaper in our state.

And even though it's not so large it shined on Sunday.

Oh, it shined.

August, wherever you are I join Mr. Watkins in praying for you and your sister. 

And Mr. Watkins, thank you.

And the double hump-back state?  Straighten your back and stand proud.

Read A Letter to August here.

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