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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mommy, I too 'cited

I get on to him at 9:00.  I fuss at 10:00.  I pop a behind at 11:00.

I can't sleep, Mommy.  I too 'sited.

Finally, quarter to 12 sleep comes to the soon-to-be birthday boy.

I looked back on last year at this time to remind myself what the beginning of four looked like.

I remember crying.  Thinking four is such a milestone.

But now five . . .

I'd give alot for four again.

Six fifteen this morning he jumped out of bed.  I fussed at him and at seven I popped a behind - yep, the behind of a birthday boy.  At 7:45 he got caught standing in the hall -

he laughs and says

Somebo-de sing Happy Birfday to me!

I sing and hug on him, kiss those chubby cheeks, and tell him how proud I am of him.  Tell him what a beautiful five year old he is and that he is the only son in the whole wide world for me.  And God knew it.

Oh, Mommy.

He pulls away and calls his daddy on the phone -

Daddy, sing Happy Birfday to me!

Mommy says I look like a mon-ke and I 'mell like one too!

 Somebo-de sing Happy Birfday to me again, pease!

and those cheeks look like they may explode.

Oh, Mommy.  Slow down six.  Slow down.

Love those cheeks - the ones I pop, too.


Greg and Donna said...

Happy Birthday sweet Max! Hope its an especially fun day! And that you hear lots of birthday songs just for you! Love, Miss Donna

Jennifer said...

Aww ... happy birthday, Max! I still remember the first time I saw him, sitting outside the book-it room at Crossgates, crying! Of course, I don't even think he was one at the time!

I hope y'all have a great day!

Craig said...

Rie, happy birthday to your boy – and since it's his birthday – that means it's your birthday too. So happy birthday to you. He looks every bit the adventuresome five-year-old. thank you for inviting me via the blog to his party – to your party. God bless you and all of yours Rie.

Penny said...

Can't believe he is 5 already. Tell him the Stewart cousins love him and Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are creating some wonderful memories to share down the road. Enjoy those children everyday...in spite of the need to pop a behind now and then.

Drawing of me losing my cool courtesy of budding artist, Izzy.

Have a dressed up day!

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