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Sunday, August 15, 2010

One Thousand Gifts . . .

I look at the end of the bolt, nine dollars a yard.  Owls float all over yardage that looks just like her. 

It's too expensive, find another one, I say.

She walks off, no whines or frowns.  Must be the company, I think to myself.  Shopping with friends for apron fabric. 

I scan the shelves and point to the colorful wall with the large forty percent off sign.  Over there, I say.

I watch her, asking her friend Will to reach the bolts on the top shelf.  Katie and Amy give their opinion and back up it goes.  Will patiently pulls another one down, puts it back up, pulls another one down.

I watch her smile and laugh and tug on her hair. 

She's beautiful, I think to myself. 

But I'm not seeing the sunstreaked hair or the blue eyes on a face kissed by the heat of summer.

I'm looking at a little girl made beautiful by the ones who love her.  Made glowing by the love she feels for the ones she loves.  These friends.  These blessings she shops with, schools with, plays with. 

These four beautiful blessings that have entered our lives and become friends - a word that grows more precious as time goes by.

My gratitude list continues . . .





bolts of colorful fabric

forty percent off sales

a free sewing class

a sewing teacher full of grace

rows of colorful buttons

clearance racks

ribbon by the spool

scissors just for fabric

front door parking

$1 T-shirts


beating the thunderstorm

gusty breezes on a scorching hot day

wishes for sno-cones

Sunday morning cinnamon rolls

 a full Sunday School class

him holding my hand in prayer

Sunday lunch with friends

God is great, God is good . . .

a lesson in pennies

three pennies in the offering plate

her new haircut

sisters fixing each other's hair

homemade flip books

colorful timelines

leaves in wax paper

bucket full of free pears

My list, #211-241.

holy experience


Greg and Donna said...

You made me cry! You do that alot! We are soooo thankful for all of you, you are all precious to our family. And its not just anyone that I would want to "own" pigs with!

KTElltt said...

Great list! I finally got to meet Donna's kids and they do seem so sweet. Y'all are quite blessed to have one another...

Jennifer said...

You are making me want to do the sewing class even more! Makes me wish I believed in "unschooling" so we could just skip the formal education and follow whatever way the wind blows! (not that y'all are doing that, but with co-op we have to sacrifice something else)

Penny S. said...

So...did she get the owl material?

Rie said...

no, it was too expensive! what do you think I am, dear sister, a pushover?!

love ya and miss ya!

Sara said...

Buckets full of pears, I'm smiling now. As always a joy to splash around in thankfulness. Your blog, simply delightful.


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