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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Family, We Have a Problem

This is sewius.

We have a problem.

Mingling with the mixed up feelings of my two older girls moving out weeks ago was a tinge of decorating excitement.  Three new rooms to fix up.  A remix, make old stuff new again. 

 It's in my blood, y'all.  This decorating desire. 

I talked about it here.

Now I can't do it.  I can't muster any muster.

The room which will become the guest room has gotten this far.

That's not far, y'all.

Yellow's not my color, but my Delia loves it and this was her room.  I think about paint and my mind drifts to bows and ribbons and dancing to Barney songs.  Spirals and sharing the kitchen.

I stand at the door and can't even hang a picture.  The other two rooms are the same.

This is sewius.

I wouldn't call it sadness, it's more like my mind being bogged down with memories that won't let me concentrate.  Won't let me see color and pattern and shape because they won't leave me alone.  They haunt.

Craziness like - If I paint, will they not come? (name that movie - sorta.)

It might not rank up there with the world's political or health issues, but it's clouding my brain with madness.  I try to shut the doors, but I hate shut doors - only slightly less than I hate unfinished rooms.

I shut them, I open them.  I shut them, I open them.  I shut . . . Somebody stop me.

These strings are tied seven minutes down the road and they are slowly tightening and cutting off my circulation.  I must cut them.  I must cut them.  I must.

Okay, maybe unraveling them a bit will do.  I should take it slow.   Just enough to pick out paint.  That's all I ask.

Just a pail of paint - or a pail of prozac.  I guess either will do.


Jennifer said...

I tell you what ... you can come to my house and decorate any room you choose. Notice I said "decorate" not redecorate ... when you get back to your room, maybe it would be easier!

Anonymous said...

I, too, will be having two leave at the same time (next year,) and you are not giving me much hope that I can handle it!!! They will probably be going MILES/STATES away!!! How did this happen to us? We spent all of that time, energy, and prayer/begging turning them into people we like to be with and talk to and work with--and what do they do? They leave. SIGH

On the up side, I have already picked out and bought paint for my house. I just need someone who wants to put it on the walls. AND I have picture-less walls that, according to Rachel, are screaming for someone to hang pictures on them. Walls that none of your children have had any contact with, by the way. Want to come for a "vacation"?

Love you,

Greg and Donna said...

Remember, you get to have family for Christmas! Lets get that room decorated for a sister and her family to use for the holidays! (I will however stop short of telling you how many days it is till then...but get busy!) Your loving friend!

Penny, your sister said...

I won't be sleeping there. I have already told Shelby that i am planning to pile my ENTIRE family at her's and Delia's apartment. It is payback from the times that i had to find room in my 790 sq foot house!! :)

By the way, my children say they aren't planning to leave my house!

Greg and Donna said...

Hahahahahahaha....so how many folks will be at Shelby and Delia's apt.? Thats funny! You would expect them to be hospitable and give up their beds wouldn't you? It could be wall to wall relatives! Sounds like a cozy time! Think I will just stay in Brandon!

Penny, the sister said...

It will be six--count them--six--6. Oh yes, I have already called a bed. I am too old for the floor!!

Rie said...

It will be wall-to-wall. Penny, don't expect food!! They're still doing most of that here!

Poor broke babies!

Lisa notes... said...

I relate to this. When my oldest daughter moved out, I could barely take going into her old room. Now I avoid it because it's still a wreck from every time she comes home. ha. It does get easier, but it's never easy.

Penny said...

No food???? Well, i do like yellow walls...maybe i should rethink this one...

Drawing of me losing my cool courtesy of budding artist, Izzy.

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