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Monday, September 20, 2010

One Thousand Gifts . . .

Decade ago and Sunday School was studying how to love your mate from the inside out.

Teacher asks, What is your favorite physical feature of your spouse?

She says,

Another says,

My turn as I smile and say,
Legs. Trust me, his legs.

Begs and pleads and he slowly gives and lifts cuffed pants to reveal to hollers and whistles; someone even passes him a dollar.  Laughs and legs.

Robin laughs loudly, whistles. Her feet marching in place at her chair as she doubles over -same as she always laughed.  How she laughs beautifully.  How I remember.  She's gone now.  Too soon, too young. 

How long does death hurt?

As long as memory.

Saturday I lean against rough wood and watch glass burn and expert hands turn and mold and beauty form.  Looking away I see him walking to me.  Legs.  I begin to feel . . .

Then I see his face.  Grinning and swollen vein.  He's done it.


Two maybes.  He's done it or I will soon hear some knowledge great to him about this piece of glass beauty he is gently cradling.

No, he's done it.

Happy Birthday, he says.

I look at the colors, the transparancy of glass and love. 

I gently argue about the money as I touch it and I'm thinking once again - How far can a woman fall?

Trust me Rie, it's okay.  I'm going to get it wrapped up.

He walks away and I lean and watch him transparent.  Pursing my lips and blinking my eyes to stop what is threatening to fall.  I blink harder.

He walks back, sees me trying hard and takes my lean.  Taking my place he slips his arms around my waist and whispers, Trust me.  I lean.

He kisses my neck and my gratitude list continues . . .

hair in a ponytail

feel of lips on skin


glass vases

watching them watch knowledge

chips of broken color

rented strollers

frozen lemonade

rest stops


blueberry muffins

rock walls

hot tubs


rope courses

blankets on grass

birthday calls

birthday texts


traffic jams


lights of home

never traveling alone

My list, #'s 337-361.

holy experience


rutledgeramblings said...

You are so, so, so gifted with your words! You draw me in every time! Beautiful! Hope you enjoyed Stone Mountain - I love that place! Grew up going there a couple of times a year. Blessings my friend (and a late Happy Birthday!)

Rie said...

Thank you, Steph - can I call you that?

I've never had a Steph.

First time we have ever been, had a great time!

Jennifer said...

Great post ... wonderful pictures and sweet words!

I now have another place to add to my list of must visit! Glad y'all had a great time!

Greg and Donna said...

Oh, did they do the Laser Show? I forgot to ask you...but I think they only do that in the summer! So glad you got to go last weekend and you had so much fun!

Betsy said...

I hope you had a LOVELY birthday and that you continue to enjoy your birthday month! I'm glad you had a great get-away!

Laser Pegs said...

Nice blog about christian gifts for boys.

rutledgeramblings said...

Just now seeing this response(thanks to your hint on the CLIF board)! Yes, Steph is fine :)


Drawing of me losing my cool courtesy of budding artist, Izzy.

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