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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tomorrow Begins

It would be really hard and difficult on this Mama's heart to explain with just keys and a screen why this week my blog will be dedicated to my darlin' daughter, Isabela.

Some of these will be reposts.  Bear with me.  Time at the computer lately has been very limited. 

Time holding her hand and brushing back her hair from teary eyes is marked in red on each square calendar spot lately.

But she needs to see what once was and can be again.  So I'm giving her center stage in every way I can think of.

And to all you mama's out there raising girls - be careful.  They are not tough as nails.  They are not always resilient.  Their minds are young and not always strong.  Their hearts are like china.  Easily broken and hard to find all the pieces to put back together again. 

And we - we can be neglectful and blind and deaf and mute.

Fear sits at their doorstep and rushes in like the wind if given only a crack of space.

There are three of us in the bed now.  Lights normally off are on.  Sleep comes by two each morning if we are lucky.  Every night my eyes fall to her shirt - I see her heart beating through it.  She quivers and even in her sleep her brow is creased.

So tomorrow begins with a letter to my Izzy-B, my Queen Bela, my Heart.

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Penny said...

I hate that Izzy is still struggling. Tell her that Aunt Penny loves her. Fear can be SO overwhelming!

Drawing of me losing my cool courtesy of budding artist, Izzy.

Have a dressed up day!

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