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Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Incredible Quilting Adventure (I've had better ideas)

Here are the promised photos of Izzy quilting blocks in unusual places.  Once we spread it out over three days she began to have fun with it.

This was her favorite spot.  In her Daddy's deer stand.

On PaPaw's tractor.

On sister Delia's bed watching TV.  This is a good spot, also.  I think it's the TV part.

In Dairy Queen at lunch.  Have ya'll tried the Georgia Mud Fudge Blizzard?  Wow, they should have never concocted that one - with extra fudge - yum, yum.

Nana's bathtub.

In an orange chair.

On top of the panel saw.

In Emily's tree.

In a boat.  I feel like Dr. Suess.

In Max's baby bed.

On top of the house - she liked it so much up there she did two.

This is the spot she had looked forward to the most, it is one of her favorite places at Nana's and PaPaw's. By now her fingers were falling off one by one and pouring blood. The adventure was over - good thing you can't see her face.

Tonight she finishes the binding and tomorrow we may throw a party.  With bells and whistles and fireworks - a humdinger of a celebration.

Next Wednesday in class we will begin a new quilt.  Ssshh . . . don't tell Izzy.


Donna said...

In Emily's tree is my favorite, its a gorgeous picture! I am so glad she got it done! We are going to turn all of our stuff in...its all finished! Yippee!

Penny S. said...

So...when are we going to get to see the finished quilt. I am anxious to see all of her hard work! Love, P

Drawing of me losing my cool courtesy of budding artist, Izzy.

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