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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Little Rain, A Lot of Fair

Last night we made our annual trek to the Mississippi State Fair. 

I say annual, but I can recall several years we sat it out due to finances.  Our girls are old enough to save their money now, and they do.  A few years of not going and they learned a lesson they have not forgotten.

I, on the other hand, was not so wise last night.  We shall go in order.  First of all, I broke the eleventh commandment.  Thou shalt not tell husband how to drive.  The twelfth.  Thou shalt not tell husband where to park.  And, finally, the dreaded thirteenth.  Thou shalt not roll thine eyes at husband.   Raise your hand if you have ever done this, raise it high.  Raise your other hand if you have done it more than once.  Oh yeah, I am not alone.  Hurry, put them down ladies, remember the butterfly effect - if your arms are like mine, they flap in the wind.

My next mistake was not making absolute sure that Maxster would ride before I bought a wristband.  Because we had driven around the world to get there  Because we were late, I went straight to the ticket counter and shelled out the $25 that Max had not saved.  He threw his little wrist up there and never looked back at me to say, "Mother, I am not going to ride tonight, it would please me so to see you and Father save your money."  Little monster.

Next mistake, putting him on a ride that goes fifteen feet in the air - for his first ride.  Should've, could've, would've -  if I had enough sense -  worked him up slowly to that. 

See his arm up in the air?  Looks like he's having fun?  Apparently it's just peer pressure.  This, my friend, was a $25 ride. At least the bumblebee's happy.

This is how he spent the remainder of the evening.  Watching from the sidelines . . .

and riding Daddy's shoulders.  At least he rode something.  He's Too Good To Me had forgiven me by now.  See the jaw?  It's not clinching anymore - a sure sign that he is over my commandment breaking.

And my favorite, cheering all the other riders on.  I'm pretty sure the peace sign is meant for me.

And my final mistake was a lack of preparation.  See all that beautiful weather?  It's just a farce.  A mind trick to my eyes to make me say, "The weather looks nice - let's go to the fair."

Hubby looked at his handy dandy little phone and said, "A system is moving in."  I said to that, "Maybe it will pass us by."

To which he said, "I don't think so."

No raincoats, no umbrellas, not even a piece of paper to hold over my lovely hair, which was sporting some "freeze-it" hairspray.  I looked like a drowned rat, with glue in its hair, beside the ever handsome He's Too Good To Me and his cute little "run your fingers through my hair" curls he gets when his hair is wet.

The 150th Mississippi State Fair.

A good time was had by all - sorta.


Penny S. said...

where's the picture of you? i wanted to see the hair! Love, P

Tammy said...

Oh, that precious little Max.... I enjoy our Sunday School class, but oh how I miss my little ones... :(

Drawing of me losing my cool courtesy of budding artist, Izzy.

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