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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Kitchen Table and a New Leaf

Kitchen tables are, to me, a necessity.  Those of you that know me know it's true.  It's where I keep my stuff.  Stuff like mail and old papers.  Stuff like schoolwork and craft supplies.  We are remodeling, so stuff like tools and wood supplies.  We won't even get into the laundry that piles up on my kitchen table.  A friend walked into my home a few weeks ago and exclaimed that she could see the top of my table.  At that moment I could have crawled under it.

I have turned over a new leaf - get it? new leaf, table leaf.  I need a new leaf, this one is getting worn out from being turned over again and again.  Since He's Too Good To Me has built me a new table, I refuse to clutter the top of it.  It is tooooo bea-u-ti-ful.  Before you look at the picture those of you who do not like color may need to put shades on.  I love color, I cannot type enough how much I love color. In college my design classes that had to do with color were my favorite.  Yummy. 

Drumroll, please . . .

Ta-da.  My new kitchen table.  It is topaz.  It is not teal, or sky blue, or turquoise.  It is lovely topaz.  I love it so much that the night my love first brought it home I wanted to sleep on it.  I love it that much.

I guess kitchen tables have been around forever.  I bet Adam and Eve had a rock and they sat across from one another and gazed lovingly into each others eyes. 

The kitchen table used to be the place for family gatherings.  Still is here, except we all gather around it while the food cooks and then go in front of the TV to eat it.  Another new leaf I need to work on. 

I remember when my Ma died.  The morning of her funeral I could not sleep and at 4:00 I went sneaking into my mama's house to crawl in bed with my big sister, who was in town, only to find them all up and gathered at the kitchen table.  A bittersweet memory. 

Ma made her biscuits and dumplin's at her kitchen table. She did not have any counter space so everything was done at the big table in the center of the room.  A sweet memory.

No one pull out the big guns and aim them at me for what I'm about to show you.   Before I do, please know that I believe in women's rights.  I believe they should vote and have a voice.  I believe there are things they can do better than men.  And vice versa.  I believe there are things some women must do.  Yada, yada, ya.  All that good stuff.  But I do believe in a past better time.  I do believe that women rocked the boat when they demanded so much and men let them have it.  We cannot have it all.  Amen.

Here come the bazookas.  I love this picture.  A family gathered around the table.

I know, Daddy is reading the paper and Mama is serving.  So what?  Look at the smiles.  I know, I know, it's a drawing.  Please, all those that do not like this picture exit the building. 

I'm stepping off my soap box now (I'll get back on it another day) to invite you over to gather 'round my new table.  He's Too Good To Me made it for practically nothing.  He's good at that kind of stuff.  To me it's priceless.

Now, if I can just keep the clutter off.


Anonymous said...

I love your post! You truly do have a gift with words and with expressing yourself. Our kitchen table is the one that I grew up with and I LOVE it. Take care!

Anonymous said...

oh, how I remember making dumplings with Ma at that table. I also remember her making fried apple pies with me one afternoon in an attempt to take away my homesickness because I had 2 older sisters that were going to be SOOO mad if I made Mama and Daddy come back to get us...hmm... wonder who one of those 2 sisters could have been?? Pretty sure I had them call home...sorry, but I was only 5 yrs old. Anyway, I love your new table-can't wait to see it in person. Love, P

Drawing of me losing my cool courtesy of budding artist, Izzy.

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