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Monday, November 9, 2009

No Shots Allowed

Bad things -

Fuzzy slippers.  Bad hair day.  Holes in favorite sweats.  Olives.  Toothache.  Backache.  Headache.  Any ache.  Long check-out lines.  Dirty cartoons.  Dusty furniture.  Lost glasses.  Diet Coke.  Blown lightbulbs.    Postage rates.  Fat-free milk.  Shaving.  Moldy bread.  Stepping in gum.  PMS.  Pre-PMS.  Pre-Pre-PMS.  Gas prices.  Lost remote.  Livercheese.  Expired tags.  Daylight Savings Time ending.  Colored jeans.  Cough syrup.

Really bad things -

Rats and Type 1 Diabetes - not in that order.

In May of 2000 our oldest baby girl, Delia, was diagnosed with Type 1 (Juvenille) Diabetes.  She was ten years old. 

At that time, American Girl Amelia books, by Marissa Moss, were her favorite fluff books.  Non-educational fun reading.   

These books are full of Amelia's thoughts and doodlings.

In the hospital, while trying to cheer Delia up, we doodled a little of our own.  She tried to write and draw but her hand was sore from the iv - so I, who felt as helpless and scared as a trap trapped in a trap,  wrote and drew while she directed.

Scientific explanation.

We drew her doctor.  A fine man who grew horns and fangs that day.

Tales of woe about shot needles.

We put a sign on her door, No Shots Allowed.  Didn't work.

She did a lot of crying.  We did a lot of praying.

And now, this article in yesterday's Sunday paper.

Good things -

A "promising" approach that will, if it works, eventually only require annual booster shots to manage this type of Diabetes. In my research on this I found many different opinions, from human trials starting as early as next year to several years in the future.  There's always "promising" news.  And we believe, one day, an answer will be found.  As always, He's Too Good To Me and I will pin some of our hopes on this news, place some of our eggs in this basket.   Good thing all of our hopes are on something greater.

Really good things -

Smart people who devote their lives to finding cures for really bad things. Quality people in a fallen world. People who don't know my child, but love her anyway.

Delia, with Izzy, 2 weeks before diagnosis.

Delia, with her best friend, R., practicing checking blood sugars.

Delia, with R's dad.  Fine family, excellent friends.

Really, really good thing -


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Drawing of me losing my cool courtesy of budding artist, Izzy.

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