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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Welcome to What the Word? Wednesday

Max is cute.  Those of you that know him - don't you think so?  All prejudice aside.

In honor of his cuteness combined with his inability to speak plainly, I will now be dedicating Wednesdays to the Maxster.

Sorry Daddy, but his favorite color is purple - and he's totally comfortable in his masculinity.  See.

OK, we'll work on this.

Notice both potty apparatus' - neither do the trick. 

Welcome to What the Word? Wednesday.

Take a guess at what he is saying and post it in a comment.  (Anyone can comment - just hit Anonymous if you don't have an account.)

I'll hide all comments until the end of the day - because cheating is, well, wrong. 

The first right answer wins something, don't know what yet, blog budget is low - but something.

Here we go. Take the plunge. 


Penny S. said...

I am certain that he says hmmm.... when you said "Hey Max".

Anonymous said...

The final vote from the S household is that he is saying "picnic in yard" or "picnic with ya'll"

Penny S. said...

Didn't have a chance for children to listen again before they went to bed, but sweet hubby says "Infinity and beyond"

Delia said...

Shelby's right, he did say it very fast!I am loving this picture and I'm sure Daddy is hating it!

Anonymous said...

He is going to hunt with his bow and arrow with his Daddy.

Patty said...

I recognize the hand signals. He's going to Infinity and Beyond!!!

Donna said...

Max, who is Max?...those are pictures of Charlie!

Drawing of me losing my cool courtesy of budding artist, Izzy.

Have a dressed up day!

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