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Friday, May 28, 2010

I Jus' Die

Conversation with Max.

Eat your lunch, Max.

I can't.  I jus' die.


I jus' die.

You did not just die.  Eat your lunch.

I did jus' die.  Wach - sound effects as he swirls to the ground - see, I jus' die.

Max, eat your lunch.

Lou not see dat, Mommy?  Lou not see I jus' die?

Wach 'gain.  Louder sound effects as he swirls to ground.

Lou see dat, Mommy?

Mommy, lou see dat?

I will die 'gain, wach and see.


And, if anyone out there knows the meaning of dreams please call me.  Why would I, with all that is going on in my mind, dream a dream with these characters?

my husband (that one makes sense)
a younger brother of a friend of Shelby's
an old friend from college I haven't seen in ten years
twins I went to school with
my husband's parents
and finally . .
Oprah Winfrey (whom I dislike pray for)

It took place in a church, country roads, a school (which wasn't a school), and an old house in the woods.

Not a bad dream, semi-good and very interesting.

Tell me a dream?


Greg and Donna said...

Sometimes homeschoolers imaginations run in hype drive! It sounds like Max's is on warp speed!

KTElltt said...

Addie has been on a dying kick too? Not sure what it is but it's a bit horrifying and funny all at the same time. I just kind of roll my eyes at it and let her go...

No clue on the dreams. I have a friend who THINKS she understands dreams but whether she really does or not remains to be seen... :)

Drawing of me losing my cool courtesy of budding artist, Izzy.

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