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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mama?? Part 2

It's all in my other half day's work.

Can lou blow them?

Where those chopsticks?

Can I buy my bathing suit today?

Did Daddy give blood last night?

Mama, can lou tell Jessie no no?

I'm stuck, can lou get me out?

Have you already put the load of reds in?

Can I sit on the counter?

Can I get in the shower with lou?

Can I watch something on TV?

The blue tray, Mama?

Why not the yellow tray?

Can I go see the baby chicks?

Why, Mama?

Mama, why?

Why a spoon, Mama?

Can I buy my bathing suit tomorrow?

Why lou sitting, Mama?

Why Daddy have to go to work, Mama?

Ok, Mama?

Can I go see Parker?


Why, Mama?

Mama, why?

Can I have something to eat?

Where is that letter?

Can I throw this away now?

Who drank all the water, Mama?

Why lou getting more water, Mama?

Is it full?

Can I turn it off?

What lou doling, Mama?

Do you remember why we didn't sell this last year?

Where's the MC book?

If I sit on this bathcloth will it make me feel better, Mama?

Mama, where's my softball?

Why lou have that shirt and pants on, Mama?

Mama, can I go with Sisi?

Why Daddy have to work all day?

Can lou get me out of this hole?

Can you help me sneak outside without Max?

Why, Mama, why?

Where's Sisi, Mama?

Can I go too?

What are we having for supper?

It's not whatever you can find again, is it?

Put batteries in this, Mama?

Mama, put batteries in this, please Mama?

Please Mama put batteries in this?

Are lou listening, Mama?

Have you decided what we're having for supper yet?

Can Emily come over and show me her new bathing suit?

What time are we leaving, Mama?

Can I have some money?

Do lou want me to unlock door and let lou in, Mama?

No son, I do not.


Penny said...

So...what was for supper?????

Rie said...

hamburgers at the ball field! love you and are you making fun of me?

Penny said...

Nope. Never. Just wondering. I can always use a supper suggestion :)

KTElltt said...

"If I sit on this bathcloth will it make me feel better, Mama?"

DO you have a bathcloth that makes one feel better simply by sitting on it? If so, may I borrow it?

Rie said...

Sorry Katie. No such luck.

I have no idea where that came from. He was in the bathtub if that matters at all!

Drawing of me losing my cool courtesy of budding artist, Izzy.

Have a dressed up day!

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