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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Spaghetti Ode Concludes . . .

The spaghettie sauce adventure continues.

I managed to clean up my mess before Shelby came home from work.

She finished the sauce without incident . . .

show off.

Here's the promised conclusion.

This is my sink I love.

I think I may have been a little prideful about my large sink - did I mention I love it - because due to some outside plumbing issues my sink is out of commission for the time being.

So . . .

this is what I am left with.

Let me say first that I have not been following The Fly Lady's advice.

This sink is 8x10", a little small for my mess.

In conclusion, the final chapter, the end to the saga . . .

This, my friends, is how we clean after the satisfaction? of the sauce.

Is there anyone out there who can outdo my week?  Please, I neeeeeeed to hear from you.  I'm begging. 

If you can outdo my week send me a link, or comment, or something. 

I need to know I'm not alone.

Something's happened to my brain sound bite


KTElltt said...

Umm, I can't outdo you this week and am not gonna try. BUT I've had some bad weeks before. Try the Christmas Eve that I made marinated cucumbers (we had been married a year or two) and my husband turned the HUGE Rubbermaid container upside down to "mix it better". The top came off and I ended up with a kitchen floor full of vinegar and sugar and oregano. Or the time I put my "worst pot roast ever" down the garbage disposal, it clogged the whole drainage system and when I started the washing machine, it drained backward INTO THE KITCHEN! So, no, you're not alone. My weeks just happen at other times. At least you have those sweet girls to wash your dishes with a hose. That's more modern than Little House on the Prairie, right? ;)

Greg and Donna said...

I feel like some banjo music should be strumming in the background! I hope your sink is fixed soon! Have fun canning next week.

Jennifer said...

Okay, I couldn't help but laugh at your posts and then I got to read Katie's comment and laugh at it, too. You people are better than medicine!

I can't top your week, but LB did dump a bowl of lentils upside down in the floor last night and I did spill a whole cup of coffee into a jumbled file box of (unfiled) papers last week and then spent the next two hours trying to clean up the mess (and lamenting the wasted coffee) ... do you feel better yet???

Besides, no matter how strange the road that got you there, I believe the end result makes it all worth it.

Anonymous said...

Well, since we are sharing "Nightmares on My Street". . .
There was the week-end we were invited to a crab boil in Tylertown and given the left-overs to take home. We put them into the fridge, went back to New Orleans for the week, and came back the next week-end to find out the fridge had quit during the week. Ever been in a house with no air conditioner that has had seafood sitting in it for a week during the summer? Ever lived in one for a week-end? Ever lived in one for a week-end with a man whose stomach turns at the smell of even slightly spoiled food? That was the same un-insulated house where the gas ran out in the middle of January on a Saturday night and we had to get up and get ready for church the next morning. No one had thought to tell us we were responsible for checking the gas in the tank out back.
But my "best" week was the one where Stephen went on a mission trip, while I stayed home with four young children. The washing machine hose came off and a super-large load spun out onto the hall/bathroom floor. Then I came home one night from walking the dog to find a huge snake lying next to the front of the house. Had to ask for help from a couple of marines living down the street. That was the beginning of the week. May we just say that it didn't get any better. Stephen has never gone on a mission trip without me since then. He likes being married too much.
No, Marie, with friends and family like yours, you can rest assured that you are never alone. . .
Love you,

P.S. At least I now know why you REALLY sent Rachel and Shelby to stay with Mama this week-end. You were afraid some of the evidence might still be around!!! By the way, could you e-mail me that sauce recipe? It looks really good!

Rie said...

Okay, sister sister, you got me beat! I remember all that and the snake was the worse.


There's the link to the sauce recipe.

Love you, Rachel is fine, and I feel better now!

Drawing of me losing my cool courtesy of budding artist, Izzy.

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