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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What the Word? Wednesday

What the Word? Wednesday is back with a song.

I think everyone will know this one.


My nephew, Jonathan, was quick on this one.  High five, Jonathan - you are exactly right - Victory in Jesus.

Katie and her two precious bugs commented all the correct lyrics.

Since this was taped Maxster has added new lyrics.  He now also sings,

He taught me what He was doling.

Thanks for playing.  See 'ya next week.


Penny S. said...

Jonathan wants me to hurry up so we can be the first to get this one. It's VICTORY IN JESUS. Sorry, Janice, I guess my children just do better at my house :)
I have heard lots of renditions of this song, but never a rock and roll style. Max certainly is unique!

Greg and Donna said...

He sought me and he bought me...my saviour forever. LOVE the toy tapping, whats with the radical music? What a boy!

KTElltt said...


Oh victory in Jesus! My savior forever.
Again! (Marie: again?)
He sought me and bought me.
Oh victory in Jesus!

Precious! Carter has been on a Victory in Jesus kick too. Perhaps they should jam together...

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that the time I know every word, I did not think to read your blog that day! (Wednesday was a busy day--I finally mopped.) Oh well, maybe Max can teach David how to play the electric guitar; David can only play an acoustic.
(Why are we so far away from each other??)
I love you.

Anonymous said...

this is too cute!! Love emily!

Drawing of me losing my cool courtesy of budding artist, Izzy.

Have a dressed up day!

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