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Friday, December 18, 2009

I Simply Remember My Favorite Things at Christmas

These are just a few favorite Christmas treasures in our home. 

All of them matter for different reasons.  Some are old and some are new. 

Ornaments that have significant meaning or hold sweet memories.

Decorations that are dear to me.

He's Too Good To Me bought me this at a flea market one of the first Christmas' of our marriage.

The angel that tops our tree with a handmade star.  The star is old and in need of repair but I like it that way.

In honor of a cockatoo named Magic that Shelby once had that died and took a piece of her heart with him.

Speaking of hearts, mine will always belong to Josie Girl, our beloved Bordie Collie mix who died this past summer.  A grand 'ole lady who is greatly missed.  There are no words.

An animated Santa that I can't turn on this year.  Max doesn't like him to move.  Santa's old and makes me smile.  Rudolf has always been Shelby's favorite Christmas character and the real Santa left this one on the roof of our house for her about eight years ago.  He sings and his nose lights up.  Max loves him.

My favorite ornament.

The sunflower has always been Delia's favorite flower.  She loves this simple ornament and there is no doubt that it belongs to her.  It calls her name.  So Delia.

Izzy is my animal lover and each year her ornament is an animal.  He's just adorable to her.

Nativity scene I love.

Max made this handprint this year.  A treasure.

Those in my life that know the painful hurt of a church loved and lost would never question why I love this ornament.

This little drummer boy belonged to my mother. The song is her favorite Christmas carol and I remember how she treasured him over the years. 

He really should go to one of my sister's homes next year.  Pass him around like the gift he is.

One day I will blog about Puppy, Izzy's closest friend for the past six years.  Stuffed with love.  This is a perfect likeness of him.

Woody.  He belongs to Shelby, or our Bluebird.  We brought him home from Gatlinburg for her when she was three.  His arm is broken and it hides in the branches.  The most expensive, by far, ornament on our tree.  Her favorite.

Our outside nativity scene.  He's Too Good To Me and I made this about fifteen years ago.  Very dear to me.

I could go on and on.  Over the years I have collected material items to go along with my Christmas memories.  These . . .

. . . velvet roses were given to me by He's Too Good To Me one time after we had a huge fight about thirteen years ago.  It wasn't even Christmas time.  He said they would not die, just like his love for me. 

I only get them out once a year.  They go on the most coveted spot, the mantle.  Then I pack them up carefully for another year, and in what seems like the blink of an eye, I unwrap them again and feel their softness and linger on that memory.

These things and more are precious - but this old song by Eddie Cantor from the 1920's speaks my heart.

Listen and be blessed.

Love to all,


Jennifer said...

This is so sweet, Marie ... thanks for sharing your favorite things. Beware, I might steal your idea for my own blog ... hope that is okay.

I've heard, or rather read, Shelby's story about puppy, but I'd love to hear your's as well.

Donna said...

Beautiful post! I love your mantle and wondered how you kept those roses so fresh looking...guess I should pay closer attention...didn't know they were velvet. Have a great weekend.

Drawing of me losing my cool courtesy of budding artist, Izzy.

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