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Friday, December 11, 2009

My First Ever Cell Phone Conversation

I dropped my cell phone today, for the hundredth time, in the rain even.  One of these days when I have to tell He's Too Good To Me that I drop my phone - often - and on that occasion it will have passed on to gadget heaven, I will remind him that he loves me.

I remember my first car phone experience.  I thought car phones were for those kind of people.  You know the ones - $$$$.

The first car phone call I ever received was from He's Too Good To Me, February 26, 1988 -  A day after meeting him.  Remember this post?  Pillow Talk.

There was a lot of static and background noise on the mobile phone and this was the conversation.

"This is Marie."

"Hey, this is Gregg, we met yesterday at the Groves' house."

chit chat

"Where are you?"

"In the truck."

"How are you calling me?"

"From the mobile."

"What mobile?"

"The mobile phone in the truck."

chit chat while I'm thinking to myself . . .

I thought car phones were for those kind of people.  Is he one of those kind? mmmm . . . $$$.  If he is, this is good.  Looks, chivalry, and $$$.  My ship has come in, my boat is floating, my cookies have been frosted, my fancy has been tickled, my need has been met, my . . . 

"What?  Oh, I can't tonight.  I've got supper at my sister's."

"Can I come?"

What?  Did he just invite himself?  Rude.  But . . .  mobile . . .  my . . .

"Sure, I guess, if you'd like."

say you'd like, say you'd like

"Yeah, and afterwards we could go see a late movie."

Heart flutters, knees weak.

chit chat - time, directions, etc.  Do you have money?  To myself, I said that to myself.  Gimme a break.

At the end of that evening when he opened the car door for me and I got out he picked me up and carried me to the front porch and kissed me perfectly.

Girls, I don't recommend this.  Don't kiss on the first date.  String 'em along a little.

Fast forward two weeks to March 10, 1988.

"Will you marry me?"

Sure - you gorgeous, chivalrious, absolutely penniless guy with your dad's mobile phone.


 "Love you honey - by the way, I dropped my phone in the rain."

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Donna said...

This summer I dropped mine in the pool! Amy brought it to me and Greg was on the phone, and I dropped it...sunk about 3 feet before I grabbed it. Its funny now! To revive it, we took it apart and put it in the dehydrator..put it back together and it works! But, my cell phone took it final blow in Nov. when it fell out of my purse and the little antennae broke. Praise the Lord, it was up for renewal and after the rebate, it will cost us $20.

Drawing of me losing my cool courtesy of budding artist, Izzy.

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