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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Beef Stew and Bread Bowls

I don't like winter.  Cold is my least favorite temperature.  Unless it's hot.  Then, I'm pretty sure, I'd be typing this differently.

But today I'm cold.  I'm not a sock fan.  With or without shoes, I'd rather leave the socks off.  And remember this post?  No Shots Allowed - I don't like fuzzy slippers, they're bad things.  So, I'm pretty sure my inability to warm up today is due to a lack of socks on my feet, my feet on cold tile floor, and the Smootie King Caribbean Way in my hand.

I'm sitting here, dreaming of hot cocoa and a night of cuddling on the sofa with He's Too Good To Me and an old Deborah Kerr/ Cary Grant, Rock Hudson, or William Holden movie.  Any or all of those leading men would do.

But I can't see that happening in the near future.  I failed to mention we would be alone for the evening - like I said - I'm dreaming.  Remember, I have four children, all of whom happen to think home is where the heart is.

Now I will shift my rambling to one of my favorite cold weather foods.  Beef Stew. 

I wish I had an old family recipe to pass on to you, but, shamefully - or not, I use the McCormick seasoning packet.  Nothing I have found can beat it.  I (you can substitute Shelby for most "I's" used in my sentences that refer to cooking) use two packets per recipe, the more seasoning the better.

I like to cook, but I'm not freakish about it, and after spending a day back and forth in the kitchen making these babies . . .

. . . a packet for the stew works just fine for me.

These bread bowls are as yummy as they look.

And when filled with steaming hot stew . . .

. . . they will warm the heart.

We (again, substitute Shelby) grind our own wheat around here.  We use the basic wheat dough recipe, but I'm sure any bread dough will work.

After the mixing and kneading and first rising, seperate dough (which makes two loaves) into six balls. Spray bowls.  Using a standard - but oven safe - cereal bowl shape the bowls over the bowls - get it?

Let them rise again.  Bake normally, 350 degrees till golden brown. 

Let cool completely before removing from bowls.  I know, I really could use some new baking sheets.  But these are antiques, pre-historic.  Irreplaceable?

Again . . .

Am I making you hungry?  Or, at least, warm?

John 6:35  " Jesus said, . . . I am the bread of life."


Jennifer said...

You would have to be showing these perfect bread bowls when I am in the process of ruining a batch of bread! Honestly, they look wonderful ... I need to add this of my list of things to try, my kids would love them!

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

We didn't need luck Wednesday; we needed a miracle!
Of course, once we knew what he said, it sounded just like it.
I don't know if the socks would work or not; I wear socks 24/7 and I am still cold most of the time. I am only comfortable when I go visit Mama!
I love you and miss you all,

Drawing of me losing my cool courtesy of budding artist, Izzy.

Have a dressed up day!

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