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Monday, December 28, 2009

Santa Claus Buys a Gun

At 5:00 on Christmas Eve we headed to Bass Pro Shops to get a photo with Santa.

A little before five, while dressing Max, this conversation took place between him and me.

Remember, he's in purple.  Sorry again, Daddy.

"We've got to change your clothes so we can go to Bass Pro Shops to see Santa Claus."

"What Fanfa Caus dolin' at Bassss Pho Sopsss?"

"You'll sit in his lap and tell him a present you want for Christmas.  He and Rudolph will fly around tonight and leave your present under the Christmas tree."

Silence.  Some serious thinking going on.

"Tat not what Fanfa Caus is dolin' at Bassss Pho Sopsss."

"What is he dolin'?" (couldn't help it)

"Fanfa Caus buying a gun."

Moving on.

Due to someone advertising something they did not follow through with, there is no photo with Santa this year.

We did get one last year, and it is great, but I'm too tired to find it and scan it.

I will share this one, though.  I took it last year after the Santa photo.  It may be part of our problem.

Whacha think?

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Anonymous said...

Aren't boys great? Don't let Max forget who we are. Tell him that Aunt Janice has two big boys who will sword/light saber fight with him when he comes this summer. And, if he brings Buzz and Woody, they will play Toy Story with him, too. They know all of the words!!
P.S. I agree. Daddys are the real reason that little boys think Santa goes to the store to buy a gun, that burping at the table is funny, and that making "smart" comments during Pride and Prejudice is not rude, but witty. Like I said earlier, aren't (big) boys great?

Drawing of me losing my cool courtesy of budding artist, Izzy.

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