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Monday, February 8, 2010

Only on a Monday . . .

Monday is the root of all evil.

You know me and Monday.  But not today, something happened today that caused so much laughter around here it would be hard to hate the day.

It was middle morning, around tenish.  I was helping Izzy with probability in math while Max watched his favorite show, which stars his best friend, Calliou.

Partner this up.  Little boy watching favorite TV show of little bald boy. Pair of scissors innocently lying on cocktail table.  Mama in next room.

What is the probability of little boy deciding the scissors could help him look like best friend Calliou?

Short while later.

Mama sweeping floor to discover . . .

little boy's hair.  Mama gasping at rooster crown and bald spot on top of little boy's head. 

Mama screams - Max, did you cut your hair?

Proud little boy beams -  I look li Ci-oo.

Isabela laughed and laughed.  Then I pulled these babies out.

At around twenty months she played the probability game.  Innocent scissors, mama in next room.  What are the chances baby girl will chop huge hunks of her hair off and need an unexpected trip to the beauty shop?

gotta love those cheeks.

Finally, a decent Monday.


rutledgeramblings said...

Oh Marie - what a hilarious coinsidence!!! My 2 & 4 year old decided to cut the 2 years old's hair today as well. However, our damage is MUCH greater! Needless to say, our 2 year old little girl will look like a 2 year old little boy for a couple of months. Wish I could have taken it as graciously as you did!

Greg and Donna said...

hahahahaha! When Amy tried this, I made her go to the lady who cut her hair and confess what she had done. Miss Debbie talked to her about scissors and safety and stuff and Amy never cut her hair again. She was probably 3 at the time also! Gotta love 3 year olds!

Jennifer said...

Fortunately, this is one scenario we have missed ... so far! Izzy's haircut was so cute though, looks like you planned it that way.

Anonymous said...

Emily asked if she or Jimmy had ever done this and when I told her NO she frowned and said "we never did anything as kids." My poor little deprived children. And here I was thinking they had a wonderful childhood.

Greg and Donna said...

Katie cut hers the day before School Pictures. We made a rush trip to the hair stylist, but it didn't help too much. I cut my sister's hair when she was 2 and I was 6. I told my mom, it would have looked better if she had sat still.

Penny said...

So...what are you going to do about it? Doesn't look like there is much hope except a crew cut. Can't really imagine Max looking like that...

Anonymous said...

Marie, did it remind of you of when I cut your hair? We hid behind the kitchen door and tried to hide the hair behind the garbage--like Mama wouldn't see the damage and realize what we had done! I think she cried as she cleaned up your hair, but I'm not sure if they were tears of sadness, anger, or laughter. Probably some of all.
Rachel cut her own hair when she was young and had NO bangs for a couple of months. However, the worst was when she let Sarah Lauren PRETEND to play barber and cut her hair. She didn't know Sarah Lauren had real scissors back there until she heard "Snip." She yelled, I came running, and--sure enough--there was a spot right in the very back where her long hair was short. Rachel was about 13 and she didn't take it as well as she had when she cut her own hair. Thirteen-year-olds have no sense of humor.

Drawing of me losing my cool courtesy of budding artist, Izzy.

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