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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentines and Twenty-One Reasons, actually eighty-four

Are you geared up for Valentine's Day yet?  Have you made plans, checked and double-checked a babysitter, changed the sheets, and showered?

Valentines has never been a big deal around here for He's Too Good To Me and me.  When you have three girls like he does, getting them a little something always seems more important than the two of us celebrating it.  You know the whole Dads-love-your-daughters-like-princesses-so-they-don't-love-boys-too-young kind of thing.

Just a little sugar has always been enough to satisfy me.

This is our twenty-first Valentine's together.  In celebration I thought I'd list twenty-one reasons why I love him and twenty-one reasons why I shouldn't.  The fun part for me - he gets to create the same list about me.

We have spit and shook hands, sealed it with a smooch, and promised no hard feelings.  Good fun like this is free and keeps the spark alive - along with a shower and a changing of the sheets now and then.

Come back tomorrow and check out the reasons we shouldn't love each other.

Here's a little teaser on the shouldn't's till tomorrow -

My #1 reason - he lied about his age.  right. up. until. the. moment. we. got. our. marriage. license.  the kicker - he only told the truth then because his parents had to sign for him.  the double kicker - his mom had to tell me.

His #1 reason - I make him write for my blog.

By the way, he and I have been through some deep valleys together - really deep. One day I'm gonna tell you all about it, I'm still working on my nerve - and telling my children first.

Just saying that so you know that these reasons we shouldn't love one another - they don't hold a candle to the reasons we do.

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Penny said...

You know SHE AND I is a favorite song of mine. I remember sitting on your bed watching CMT videos with you during that time. It was a favorite of ours. Anyway...Here is one to add to your list of reasons to love him--he was the only one in our family that remembered my birthday when ya'll got married (since your wedding day was the day before my birthday)

Drawing of me losing my cool courtesy of budding artist, Izzy.

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