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Saturday, February 13, 2010

There are a million more . . .

If you've been keeping up, you know He's Too Good To Me and I are celebrating our twenty-first Valentine's together.  We have both created our own list of twenty-one reasons why we should not love each other, and twenty-one reasons why we do. 

Yesterday I posted the twenty-one reasons why we shouldn't.  If you missed it, go here before you read on.

So today, in honor of Valentine's Day, I will tell you  twenty one reasons why we do love each other.

His list comes first.

#21 - she is right most of the time.  did you catch the irony from #2 on his list yesterday?

#20 - she likes to wear my shirts.

#19 - she is a good teacher.

#18 - she is a good cook.

#17 - she will go see an action/sci-fi movie with me.

#16 - she is tolerant.

#15 - she doesn't do anything half-way.

#14 - because I don't deserve her.

#13 - she is my best friend.

#12 - she is not materialistic.

#11 - she is frugal.

#10 - she is beautiful.

#9  -  she always finds a way for me to pursue my hobbies.

#8  -  she is forgiving.

#7  -  she likes the outdoors.

#6  -  she is a great mother.

#5  -  she is a great wife.

#4  -  she is a wonderful lover.

#3  -  she loves the Lord.

#2  -  because she loves me.

and his #1 reason for loving me, which is so simple that it made me cry, is

#1  -  because it took me ten times longer to write the should not list than it did this one.

It is my turn.  His was straight to the point, but forgive me while I ramble.

#21 - he has never forgotten an anniversary or my birthday.  He forgives me when I forget his.

#20 - he carries all my heavy pots full of water.  nobody said the list had to make a whole lot of sense.

#19 - he reaches all the stuff on high shelves for me.

#18 - he has absolutely beautiful crows feet, which really turns me on.

#17 - you know the guys that work the hardest and never complain about it?  I got me one.  Thank you, honey.

#16 - he patiently does all my VBS decorating every year, and is a genius with ideas.

#15 - he winks at me when I catch his eye - no matter when, no matter where, no matter who sees.

#14 - he is never embarrassed when I go to the store in my slippers.

#13 - he is never embarrassed that I carry a blanket into the movie theater.

#12 - he remembers my red heels.  see pillow talk here.

#11 - he doesn't try to fix me - and, oh, there is so much to fix.

#10 - he doesn't mind my cold feet squishing their way between his legs.

#9  -  he has this little vein under his right eye.  oh, my.

#8  -  he never needs directions - well, most of the time.

#7  -  and the private stuff, well, let's just say he doesn't need any how-to books.

#6  -  good, kind, honest, generous, . . .

#5  -  when I was a little girl and played make believe house, he is the kind of daddy that came home every pretend night and loved my pretend babies and me.  A dream come true.

Coming up with the top reason why I love him was hard. There were three tight runners for the number one spot - with him being handsome a close fourth.

Second runner up. He has never, and I mean never, criticized me. Not for my clothes, or my hair, or my weight, or the house, or any of the other gazillion things he could criticize me for. Never. That's one in a million to me.

Runner-up. He loves me. For me. Not for the me I let others see, or the me you see here, or the me I want to be. He loves me for the me I would never ever let you see. The other me. The ugly, sinful, hateful, mean, spiteful, remembering me. That melts me.

Winner. A forgiveness he granted me at one in the morning on January 11, 2009. A forgiveness I did not deserve. Forgiveness for a secret I had kept far too long. Icing on my cake - never, ever has he mentioned it since. That's sexy and romantic and melts me and is far more than one in a million to me. Far, far more.

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