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Monday, January 4, 2010

A Mulligan

New Year's resolutions are all over the place.  I feel a little unsettled that I haven't made any.

I ate my peas, I ate my cabbage - my mama made me.

But I didn't make a resolution(s) for the new decade.  Does that make me a bad twenty tenner?

Yes, yes it does. Of course, it does.  Who doesn't make resolutions?

Years ago I proved a failure at resolutions and I quit trying. Why kick myself in the hiney only one time a year?

My late resolution - to make a resolution.

Seriously, this is no joke.  But, where do I start?

Improvements need to be made in every area of my life.  From Christian, to wife, to mother, to daughter, to sister, to friend, to keeper of the home, and the list goes on.

My pastor sent out an email this morning in which he compared the New Year and new beginnings to a mulligan in golf.  A mulligan allows the player to play a second shot off the tee if the first one is poor.

I know nothing about golf.  Before this morning I had never heard the word mulligan used in this way.  Stew, anyone?

My pastor challenged me to make changes in my attitudes and actions that would bring me more in line with God's will for my life.

Be more in line with God's will for my life.  Wouldn't that include all of the above mentioned improvements I need to make?

Resolutions? Mulligans? Chocolate? Vegetables?  They're all the same, anyway.  A starting point.

But, His will - now that's the finish line.

There's a catch with a mulligan. All players must be in agreement before you can get this fresh start, or second chance, without penalty.

The players - God and me.  Are we in agreement?  Just last night I had a talking to with Him and told Him He needed to put His running shoes on and catch up with me.  I already have a problem solved if He'd stop dragging His feet.

Yeah, I talk like that to Him sometimes.  Might as well, He knows me anyway.  And He's my friend, He understands my frustrations.

One player in my life is always up for giving me a mulligan.

So here it is, my resolution - to work on forgiving myself my failures, and there are many, and try giving myself a mulligan. 

A do-over.

A second chance.

A fresh start.

And all successes to God's glory, and all for His honor.  After all, He is the only player that counts.

Does this mean I have to tell you where my chocolate is stashed?  Just keeping it real.


Jennifer said...

I love the concept of a mulligan, except I need one daily ... sometimes hourly ... to survive!

Donna said...

Chocolate Stash? See where my mind goes...you write a great post and I pick up on the end when you mention chocolate! We are making some big changes here, got some goals to accomplish and looking for any and all ways to get them done! Thanks for your friendship! I really treasure it! Donna

Maroussia said...
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Drawing of me losing my cool courtesy of budding artist, Izzy.

Have a dressed up day!

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