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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What the Word? Wednesday

Welcome back to

What the Word? Wednesday.

This week Maxster is hungry.  For what?

It is yummy in his tummy.

Most of us like it too, but may not want to admit it.

The word starts with a "b", all that other jabbering is how much it is yummy in his tummy.

Here goes, good luck, and thanks for playing.

Comment all guesses and check back tomorrow.

Yeah!!  Finally a winner.  Audrey got it first - he said bologna, or baloney, or however you say or spell it.  Oscar Mayer spells it b-o-l-o-g-n-a.  They have a way with it.

Okay, I know it ain't good for 'ya.  But, he loves it.  Right out of the plastic package, cold and raw.  It is "yummy, yummy to my tummy."

Good job.  Thanks for playing - I love the comments.  Only, don't judge me too harshly - how many of you just won't admit you like it, too?  Except you, dear sister Janice; no one that eats ketchup sandwiches could ever appreciate a fine piece of bologna.  And that's no baloney.


Penny S. said...

brownie, bumblebee, or butterbean. those are the ideas from the Stewart hill.

Audrey King said...

Audrey thinks he might be saying....."bologna" I love this boy!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

He is saying bologna, better know in the south as baloney!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Marie--please tell me that I am wrong! He didn't say "Bologna!" did he!!! You didn't teach him to like that fake food, did you? Did you forget to tell him that his Aunt Janice can't stand the stuff and that he shouldn't eat it either? Am I going to have to move back home to fine-tune your kids' palates??? (And it will do you do no good to say "NO, he said BOLOGNEY." It doesn't matter how you say it, it still tastes bad.)

Donna said...

OK, I will give it to Audrey...but I guessed bologna yesterday morning and don't know what happened to my comment. Amy had guessed banana.

But, hey, at least I finally got one right!

Penny S. said...

Bologna??? That's nothing but a cheap, flattened hot dog--I agree with Janice, it tastes BAD!!! Boys have such weird tastes... You should at least fry it so that it tastes some better. After all, if your gonna eat mysterious pig parts in a flattened round, there should be a little grease added to it :)

Drawing of me losing my cool courtesy of budding artist, Izzy.

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