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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

I'm starting something this week that I've been meaning to do for a while - ever since I saw it on my sweet friend Jennifer's blog, Payingformyraising, several months ago.  Check her out.  I look forward to her daybook on Mondays, her honesty is refreshing - go clean that kitchen, Jennifer.

It is The Simple Woman's Daybook, created by Peggy here.  It is a beautiful idea that she has graciously shared with the rest of us. When you're checking it out, be sure to glimpse into the main page of her blog, hereThank you, Peggy.

I will try to do it every Monday, beginning next week.  That's the way I do most things, so really I'm more on track than off

I recommend this to everyone.  I have four children, the oldest two are twenty and six days shy of eighteen.  Oh my.

I blog mainly for my kids.  Check out my sidebar Why This? Why Now?  All you moms out there with young ones - please, take it from me.  They will be grown soon and you will not be able to remember so many things.  There are things I never thought I'd forget and I have forgotten.  Trust me, if you do not have time to journal this is something easy you can do that will allow you to look back one day and recall what was going on in your lives in just the ordinary days we take for granted.

This is an ordinary day around here.  Sigh.

Better yet, take time to journal, wish I had.

I am having each of my girls - Delia, Shelby, and Isabela start one.  Can't force the older two, but I'm hoping they'll take the time to participate on the privacy of their own computers. 

I'm aware everyone does not like to write, but for free you can set up your own blogspot and just do the daybook on Mondays - or everyday.  Share it only with family and friends, it does not have to be public.  It would be a great way to share with those far from you.

That's my wish for those of you that are not taking the time to record moments.

Now, a private note to my four sisters - Janice, Penny, Wendy, and Rhonia - along with my dear friend, Sandra - who might as well be a sister.  I have the oldest two of all of our children.  Trust me.

Do this and send it to me each week.  I'm begging.  I would love to keep up better with what's going on with the gals, guys, and babies I so treasure.

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Jennifer said...

Thanks, Marie! I think you'll really enjoy participating! I do a paper version for myself pretty often and I enjoy that, too. I hadn't thought of having LB do it, but I have wanted to get her started journaling and I think that this is a great way. Thanks for the idea! I'll be looking forward to reading your coming daybooks!

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